Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays capture in-depth, detailed images of a child’s teeth and mouth that the naked eye cannot see. X-rays are performed by our team of trained dental experts and are one of the most common diagnostic tools in dentistry, regardless of a patient’s age. 

These images allow Dr. Mamrick to see a much clearer and detailed view of a child’s teeth, gums and mouth–which helps with future treatment planning and necessary preventative care as a child’s mouth develops. 

This includes detecting and treating a number of oral health issues that may not be seen at first glance or without the use of x-rays at all.

What Happens During a Dental X-Ray for Children?

At Ron Mamrick DDS, our goal is to provide the best, most accurate dental care possible for our patients. After a child turns two, we recommend getting x-rays taken annually to monitor the growth of their teeth, jaw and bones.

Your child’s specific oral health needs and treatment plan will determine what type of x-rays are needed. These pictures are available instantly on our monitors and then stored electronically within your records for Dr. Mamrick and the rest of our team to view. 

Dental x-rays make it much simpler to:

  • Locate cavities
  • Examine the roots and bones of the teeth and mouth
  • View the overall health of the mouth, teeth and gums

Digital dental x-rays are very safe and only taken by members of our team trained to perform them. A special lead apron is also used during the process to limit radiation exposure to the rest of the body.

Even then, there’s no need to worry about your child receiving an x-ray–in fact, compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays provide much clearer images and emit about 90% less radiation!

What Are the Different Types of Dental X-Rays for Children?

The type of x-ray taken by our team depends on the treatment discussed for your child and their specific oral health needs.

Different types of dental x-rays we may take for your child include:

  • Bitewing, which shows between the teeth and aid in spotting cavities
  • Periapical, which shows roots, crowns and supporting bone as a child’s adult teeth develop
  • Panoramic, which shows a comprehensive overall look at the jaws, sinuses and teeth
  • Occlusal, which includes both lower and upper teeth
  • Orthodontic, which shows how a child’s bite and jaw are developing and if orthodontic treatment is needed

What is the Benefit of a Dental X-Ray for Children?

At Ron Mamrick DDS, our goal is to provide the best dental care to our pediatric patients. Digital dental x-rays are an amazing technology that helps our team to accurately and efficiently detect, diagnose and treat a variety of oral health issues.  

It is important your child receives annual dental x-rays at their appointment with us so our team can provide you with the best care! We encourage you to ask any questions you may have about x-rays by giving us a call today: (804) 423-1600.

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